Five Years Ago...

In fact it started already in 2009. The thought of creating a global symbol for pure health and clean sports. But it didn't materialize into an actual idea before that night in inner Mongolia in 2011. Jetlaged in a hotel room at 3 AM the idea to combine the classical victory finger with a simple ring appeared in a dream, as crystal clear as any idea could do. I have no idea where it came from. But the gut feeling was strong that morning. If simple, it is probably good, my belly told me. It was ridiculously simple, taking two already well known phenomena and merge them into something new. A classical recipe for new creative inventions.

So, by the hotel room curtain later that morning – with an iPhone in one hand, making a gesture with the other – snap! Then download the image to the laptop. A few moments later the idea was photoshoped into a symbol. After that, I was in bed with Google for a couple of hours...and a name started to develop. Hilarious moments unfolded as the Olympic Motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" and Pierre, Baron de Coubertin appeared on the screen. Then, after breakfast and with enthusiastic help via email from Kristina in Stockholm, a letter was written to a certain president of a certain sports organization. Why a hotel room in Inner Mongolia? That is a completely different story.

Bjorn Bertoft 2016-04-14

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